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Samara Dos Santos
Founder, Lead Artist & Innovator

Samara is a multidisciplinary artist with a foundation in movement.

Holding an M.A. in Development Economics, Samara focuses her artistic work on social + socioeconomic themes and outcomes.


Her movement studies have included Contemporary & Modern Dance (Release, Horton, Limon and Dunham Technique), Oriental Dance, Russian Romany Dance, Afro-Caribbean dance and Somatic Movement methodologies (Franklin, Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques), in addition to variety of world folk dances.  She has been recognized by the Canada Council as a Cultural Connector, and has been funded by both the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council to undertake choreography projects in Canada and abroad.

As a teacher, her course offerings have included:  Holistic Bellydance, Afro-Caribbean Dance, Dance Improvisation, Movement Meditation, Supple & Strong: Hip and Pelvic Floor Training and SocaFit. 


Annalisa Dayao

Board President

Jonny Riddim

Board Member

Kanda Farkollie

Board Member

Meraki Moyo

Board Member

Sabrina Thomann

Artistic Contributor
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